Java Application Development

ZeusAdSolutions Provides the Java Web Services DevelopmentThe Java Web Services Development Pack (JWSDP) is Program development (SDK) for growing Internet Services, Web software and Java software with the newest technology for Java.
The source is available under the Open Source Initiative-accepted CDDL license.Contents1Java APIs2Related technology 3References4External hyperlinks Java ServletJavaServer PagesJavaServer FacesConnected technologiesThere are lots of other Java implementations of Web Services or XML chips. A number of them encourage the Java criteria, some service other criteria or non-standard capabilities. Relevant technologies include: These are the elements along with APIs obtainable from the JWSDP 1.6: Beginning with JWSDP 1.6, the JAX-RPC and JAX-WS implementations encourage the Quick Infoset benchmark for the binary encoding of the XML Infoset. Earlier versions of JWSDP also contained Apache Axis - services frame XINS - RPC/web services frame - XML output JBossWS - services stack in JBossReferences[edit]^ "Internet Services Downloads: Internet Services Previous Releases." Retrieved 2011-05-17